Aya estate Vineyards


Varieties in %

Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier






750 ml.


Tasting Notes: A nice citrus and tropical aroma followed by white flower and nutty nuances, a tender acidity and a long finish with a kind orange peel aftertaste. This is an incredible summer drink and a smooth pair to seafood and white meat dishes with heavy cream sauces. The combination with cheeses like Munster, Camembert and Brie is very advisable and you can also try with fresh fruit salads.


Terroir: The grapes for this wine come from 2 completely different terroirs. The larger quantity of the Viognier is from our Seaside vineyard close to Kavarna, where the constant breezes prevent the grapes from accumulating high sugar levels and help with keeping the acidity. Marsanne and Roussanne in this blend show the Harsovo, Melnik terroir – sandy soils, high daily temperatures, and cool evening breezes from the surrounding mountains. Both vineyards follow the biodynamic principles in viticulture.



The harvest takes place in the last week of August, with a difference of 5 days between the two vineyards. The warmer climate in the village of Harsovo is a prerequisite for the earlier ripening of the varieties, and the cooler sea breezes around the town of Kavarna help for preserving the freshness in the Vionier we cultivate there. The grapes ferment in separate tanks, which gives us a full insight into the typical characteristics of the respective terror. Finally, after the vinification and the ripening processes are completed, the wine is blended in appropriate proportions. On 30.03.2020 3934 bottles were bottled.