01. The beginning
I started Bohemish LLC in 2021 with 8 years of worldwide wine industry experience. It all goes back to 2013 when I was studying French and Spanish Applied Linguistics on an exchange program in Paris. I was living in a university campus with other fellow international students and we were exploring the local French wines and cuisine. After 4 months of studying and living in Paris, I returned to my home country Bulgaria and I knew exactly in that moment what I wanted to do in my life. Later that year I began my Masters degree in Winemaking/Enology as I wanted to expand on my knowledge and understanding of the wine business.
02. I Was Also
I was also a sales representative for a wine and spirits importing company and we worked with wines and spirits from around the world and distributed them across the country. Our portfolio including brands like Valduero (from Ribeira del Duero), a few French wines like sparkling Luc Belaire, Chablis-Domaine des Malandes, provence rose Cloud Chaser, few wines from Chile -Montes and Amayna, Argentinian wines like Luigi Bosca, The Armenian world known Karas wines,Israelian Hermon wines , port wines like Dow’s, big rum brand names like Bumbu, Ron Diplomatico etc.. I had the incredible opportunity to actively participate two harvest seasons-one in New Zealand in the Malbourough region and one in Clare Valley- Australia . I was able to establish strong connections with local wine makers and learn what they are trying to pursue as wine goals.
03. In 2018
In 2018, I relocated to the United States and started working as a sales representative for a renowned wine and spirits company called Calvert Woodley. The Washington DC wine market is incredibly vibrant and the locals are very open minded and receptive to trying new wines. At the same time, DC people have a very sophisticated taste in wine and are always on the lookout for unique wine profiles. Diversity in this metropolitan area is reflected by the local demand for new products and the never-ending discovery of new tastes.
04.The experience
The experience I have gained at Calvert Woodley has given me a new perspective about wines, and invigorated my passion to continue bringing more unknown brands to the US wine market. I frequently visit Bulgaria and I am always looking for new and interesting winery partners, which often later become like family to me as we share the love for good wine-making. My dream is to spread that love for Bulgarian wine across the world and I hope than one day people will talk about Bulgarian wines with the same respect as they speak about French wines. Join me on this exploration of good taste and embrace the Bulgarian culture.
P.S. For better or worse, the global Covid-19 pandemic has changed many lives and perceptions. Personally, I lost my dearest friend and partner in life George. This business was our dream and we were planning to run the company together side by side. Ever since his loss, I couldn't think of a better way to commemorate him but to create Bohemish LLC and try my best to make him proud and fulfill our dream.